Oct 28

LucyW #2

Category: People, Photos

The great British weather strikes again. What was meant to be an outside session turned into a indoors session.

A single wall in fact at one location. But the most of the last minute change of plan was made. A few different edits and poses and I was happy ih the results. Indoors or out this was meant to be another single light session for speed of setup and speed of the photos.

Starting out with a simple I love you jumper.

Lace style dress with more of an extreme colour edit.

the same dress in BnW

cool tone edit of a blue top, looking up.

hoops dress

then it was a bit more fun, wild hair and a more wild look.

same wild hair but the change of pose and face changes it all.

final shot was the clothes to leave in, jumper and wooly hat as it was cold out….




Sep 29

Peter and Stacey

Category: Events, Photos

Had the chance to take photos at a friends wedding a few weeks back, not my favourite type of photography but was such a nice day weather wise, a lovely couple. So what could go wrong…. As it happened no major isues which is always the worry at a wedding as you cannot say come back next week to do it all again.

It was a good day end to end.

A nervous Best man

Best man and Groom

The new Husband and Wife were taken away for a few photos, it ended up being just 8minutes, not really long enough but still managed to get a few photos with them.

The casual couple, as if it was a everyday event.

The happy Bride.

Cant go to a wedding without a jazz hands photo…..

At the end of the first dance, a little candid shot.

Fun at the end of the night….



Aug 25

LucyW pt 2

Category: People, Photos

Part two of Lucy. THis time its more props and gettign rid of the popup background and using the walls for effect.

Single high lightsource.

The walls and there two tone color. Ok I changed the color as they were a bit drap and I wanted bright.

simple BnW

Making use of the shaddow thrown by the flash.

more shadow and BnW editing.

straight on relaxed pose.

Lots of simple color replacing, eyes, hair and lips.

Background color replacing. and jeans made more red.

less changes made to the color of the wall and jeans and a different pose.

Trying out a different crop for a wallpaper/facebook cover photo.


By the end of the session Lucy was so easy to take photos of, I would have been able to get any photo I wanted quickly without having to tell her how to relax and look at ease, its strange how in a few photos you can see the change in how they  pose and react to the camera.